Saturday, December 4, 2010

Window Glass House by Andres Jaque Architect in Spain

This house consists of three bedrooms and large family room. The house is very unique with large glass windows, this house uses some strong support. The house is situated in Ibiza, Spain. This house is higher, far above the soil surface, avoid the water coming down from above, this house is quite comfortable to live. This proposal imposes the need to preserve the qualitative continuities of the valley's natural base in the building to the grates possible degree. Primarily: 1.The continuity of the arboreal mass 2.The continuity of the run-off and the permeability of the soil. 3.The continuity of the water system, avoiding any sort of input to the understorey via irrigation for filtering in order to Hinder the potential Emergence of invasive species. 4.The maintenance of the cycles of matter (the substrate is fees of transformations in order to allow the organic matter to rot and close the cycle.

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